Insta-Feed lite, App Controlled Smart Feeding Station | Top 3 Benefits

The smart pet feeder is a great helper in addition to your feeding system. It is perfect for pets like puppies and kittens that require a small portion of meal at regular times (6 L capacity). It could not only allow you to feed your pets remotely, but also feed your pets automatically according to the feeding schedule.

Available in two colors (Black & White). The app controlled Smart Feeding Station has multiple benefits & features. Starting with the basics, the dimensions are as following :

  • Length 7.6"
  • Width 14"
  • Height 14.2"
  • Capacity 6 L

Dimensions that give you the flexibility to understand the capabilities of the Smart Feeding Station.

Benefits | Top 3


The app is one of the most unique features of the smart feeding station, available in both the Apple & Google Store.  Allowing you to record up to 10 seconds of your voice that will be played when a scheduled meal takes place. With Instant notifications that will alert you when the food is below specific level. Lastly, a built in weight sensor that gives you detailed & accurate food level.


Reverse Technology

App Controlled Smart Feeding Station | Top 3 Benefits, Reverse technology


The auto reverse technology applies to prevent food from been stuck. Technology that allows the smart feeding station to rotate its inner blade lookalike system in a 360 degree angle. 


Schedule meal times & portions using the app. Works just like the alarm in your smartphone, set a time in were your recorded voice will play & activate the set meal portions. 

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