Collar or Harness | What Works Best for Your Dog ?

Dog Harness vs Dog Collar

Dog collars and harnesses are trending items for dog owners. Everyone tends to get the best looking and the best quality modern dog collar or harness so they and their dog will stand out. However, dog collars and dog harnesses are not only about fashion, they carry many benefits for you and your dog.

Which One Should I Get? Collar or Harness?

Dog collar and harness are completely different things that carry out the same purpose. Dog collar is the best when your dog is perfectly trained and well behaved. If, when you walk down the street past another dog, your dog does not try to get away from you to say hi and almost takes your arm with him/her, then the collar would be best for you. If your dog is well-behaved and never jumps, pulls or tries to wriggle out of his/her collar, then you can with no doubt go ahead and purchase a dog collar.

Why Should You Choose Dog Harness?

Using a dog harness makes it way easier to control and manage your dog without taking away his/her breath and stranding him/her. Dog harnesses have many other advantages over collars

Training: Dog harnesses are really great for training puppies who have not yet learned how to walk on a lead. The harness will prevent your puppy from choking and will help learn quicker.

Strong Dogs: Dog harness is really helpful with large and strong dogs. It allows you to have more control and it is also easier on your hands and arms.

Small Dogs: Small dogs tend to have injury on their paws and legs from pulling the leash. A dog harness would be a great solution since it would prevent those injuries.

Escape Artists: A dog harness is a great solution for dogs who like to escape. It is pretty easy for your dog to get away from a collar, while the dog harness will make sure your dog does not leave anywhere 


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