How to Choose the Correct Height for an Elevated Dog Feeder Station?

Why Should You Choose an Elevated Dog Feeder?

Typically dog feeders and water bowls are placed on the floor, but modern pet furniture has been evolving and now the most trending dog feeders are elevated. Elevated dog feeders are actually better for the pet owner and provide health benefits for your dog.

Cleaner Pet’s Eating Area; Placing the dog feeder on the floor actually makes the eating area dirtier. If the dog feeder is placed on the floor, dogs can start playing around with it causing splashes of food and water to go everywhere. Moisture can also get under the dog feeder which in the long term would cause mold and bacteria to collect and multiply. By purchasing an elevated dog feeder you will keep your dog’s eating area cleaner since the dog feeder will not move around or collect any moisture or bacteria. 

Make Feeding Easier; Elevated dog feeders allow easier access to the feeder which eases the life of pet owners 

Improves Your Dog’s Health; Elevated dog feeders are way more comfortable for pets. Bending over to eat is not the most comfortable position for dogs. Using an elevated dog feeder allows a more upright position which provides an improved posture. It is also beneficial for older dogs who sometimes have trouble bending or moving and having a dog feeder on the ground is going to cause them too much pain which would mean they would be hungry and dehydrated.

How to Choose Proper Height for an Elevated Dog Feeder?

It is really easy to find the correct height for an elevated dog feeder, you would just need to follow a couple of easy steps.

  • Step 1: Measure your standing dog from the floor right under the front paws to the top of his/her shoulders.
  • Step 2: Subtract roughly 5 inches from the measurement found in step 1.
  • Step 3: The number you get in step 2 should be the height of an elevated dog feeder. Your dog should be able to enjoy his/her food without the need to lower or raise his/her neck. Top of the dog feeder should be around the level of your dog’s chest.

If you have just brought home a puppy and you are thinking about buying an elevated dog feeder, you should most certainly consider buying an adjustable elevated dog feeder since you will need to keep increasing its height month by month.

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