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The pet-related markets are getting bigger and bigger day by day. As of right now, there are more pet-owning households compared to those with children; roughly 85 million pet-owning households compared to only 52.8 million with kids according to Statista.

Nowadays pets are becoming full-time members of families; cats especially. That being said, the pet furniture market and its complexity is getting hotter and hotter. Pet furniture now consists not only of traditional cat beds but of beautiful art piece-like cat trees that seamlessly fit into even the most luxurious homes. These modern pet furniture artworks are not only photo-worthy but also comfortable for cats.

Modern Cat Trees and Their Benefit 


modern cat trees, modern pet furniture, cat feeding station


If you love your cat, you would get anything for him/her, and getting a Modern cat tree should be one of the things on your list. Modern cat trees are not only beautiful cat accessories for a cat-owning household but also carry many benefits for cats. 


Exercise: You, as a human being, always do some sort of exercise every day; whether it is getting to work, cooking food, or going on a run. Cats do not have that option, they are stuck at your house with not that much entertainment or exercise and that’s where cat trees come in place. The modern cat tree is like a home gym for cats. The multilevel designs of Modern cat trees encourage your cat to move all over it; climb up and down, jump and even go through various holes in the cat tree which encourage your cat to keep exploring and moving.

Safe Sleeping and Hiding Place: You always see cats somewhere above you, whether it is when the cat is staring at you from the window of an apartment building or sitting somewhere on top of the shelf. According to UPenn, cat behavior experts, cats prefer to hang out around the places with the best vantage points. This behavior comes from their instinct of protecting themselves; cats stay and sleep at elevated places in order to have an advantage in spotting any possible dangers. Also if your cat is afraid of other people and hides under your bed when anyone visits; a cat tree would be a perfect solution. If the cat tree has a hiding spot on it, your cat will hide there if the guests come in. Place that cat tree in the middle of a guest room and your cat will get more used to guests and at some point he/she will even come out to be petted. That being said having a Modern cat tree will not only add beauty to your household design but it will also add needed safety to your cat who will most definitely love you more after you get him/her an art work-like cat tree.

Something to Scratch: If you have or ever had a cat, you would know that they absolutely love scratching on something at any time of the day. According to UPenn, scratching is a healthy exercise for your cat. Your cat will stretch out his/her body, strengthen nails, and waste some endless energy. Also according to UPenn, scratching is an instinct that comes from marking the territory. By scratching, cats leave visual marks and their scent which will make them feel safer at your home. By purchasing the modern pet furniture like a cat tree, you will make sure that your cat does not damage any expensive furniture, but rather direct all of his/her energy into a cat tree. Modern cat trees are perfect spots for scratching since most of the time their posts are made from carpet and sometimes include separate scratching areas that will make sure that your cat wastes all of his/her scratching energy.


If you love your cat, have space for the pet furniture and do not mind spending some time putting it together, we would highly recommend getting a cat tree which would most definitely be a beautiful purchase that will bring many rewards for you, as a cat owner, in the future. If you ever decide to purchase one, will provide you with the highest quality cat trees that will not only satisfy your cat, but they will add an art-piece to your household that will satisfy your eyes and which will not be unmentioned by your guests. Hello-ping also features modern pet furniture and modern cat trees that are implemented into your household furniture. If you simply do not have enough space to put a cat tree, Hello-ping will be able to provide you with modern cat trees that not only serve the purpose of a cat tree but can also be a part of a couch, table, or even serve as a sitting place.

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