My cat ate raw chicken, should I be concerned?

Are cats allowed to eat chicken? they sure can. But are cats permitted to eat raw chicken? It's trickier to answer that one. There are several cat parents who support raw meat diet. This diet, however, requires extreme caution and great deal of prep work. Raw chicken is perfect for making your cat (and probably you) very sick if not prepared correctly.

Chicken Bones

This isn't rough one. For cats and dogs, chicken bones, or other animal bones, are choking risk. In addition, tiny bones can also break and cause significant damage to the cats' mouth and digestive tract. So, there you have it: cats, from 
time to time, will eat plain, cooked chicken. After talking to your vet first, don't serve your cat raw chicken and never offer your cat chicken bones or chicken that is seasoned with spices like garlic and onions.


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Raw Chicken

There is debate over the raw food diet for cats. It is the "biologically sound diet" for animals, since it closely mimics what a cat would eat in the wild, supporters claim. However, cat parents need intensive preparatory preparation, including plenty of sanitizing, for this diet. About why? Raw meat which contains E. A cat will die from coli, salmonella, or listeria, just as humans do. And by definition, these harmful forms of bacteria are actually more accessible to you and your human family members.

Skinless Chicken

A small amount of plain cooked chicken is healthy for your cat, but your cat 's diet shouldn't consist solely of chicken. (In the event of dietary conditions unique to your pet, we suggest talking to your vet beforehand.)

Will chicken nuggets or other fried foods be consumed by cats? If you're going to feed your cat chicken, we suggest leaving out the breading and fat trimmings (including the skin). When it comes to the wellbeing of your pet, boiling the chicken is definitely your best bet.

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