Reasons why your cat needs a Litter Box


Litter boxes have been slowly evolving since they were discovered in 1947. Since cat litter boxes were created, they always had one purpose: a bathroom for your cat. The cat litter box serves the purpose of eliminating the smell and visibility of the cat’s feces and urine. The cat litter boxes were always something simple and not good looking pieces of pet furniture that cat owners usually place in bathrooms. However, the pet furniture market has been developing and evolving, and now, many stores sell art piece-like cat litter boxes. Some cat litter boxes have futuristic aspects to it that make it fit seamlessly into the most luxurious and ultramodern households. Cat litter boxes are now becoming a part of the beautiful art of modern pet furniture. Some cat litter boxes have beautiful shapes, while others are capsule-like automatic litter boxes.

Why Do Cats Use Litter Boxes?

Cats use cat litter boxes without even being trained because of animal instinct of survival of the fittest. According to upenn, cats have always been trying to hide their scent from other dangerous animals by burying their waste underground. Most of the litter box fillers are made of the material the feeling of which matches the one that cats use in nature.

Why Do Some Cats Not Always Use a Litter Box?

Your cat has been perfect and always has been using the litter box, but on occasion, he/she leaves urine somewhere else in the house? Well, there are many examples of why it can happen.

Cleanliness; Cats are clean animals and on most occasions will try to avoid the litter box that is not clean or contains previous wastes from himself/herself or other cats. The simple solution would be regularly checking AND cleaning the litter box.

Size; Size of the cat litter box plays an important role in your cat's life too. Sometimes the litter box might be too small for your cat, even though your cat fits in it perfectly. The litter box being too small might make your cat not want to use it, therefore the best decision would be trying out different sized litter boxes.

Location;  Location is another important factor since it mimics human behavior. Imagine your toilet would be located right in the middle of a busy guest room without any barriers, would you want to use it? Or would you rather go someplace else? Well your cat faces the same decision, and the choice is quite easy; eliminate the waste in any other empty room. Therefore if your cat does not use the litter box, you should try changing locations. The perfect location would be someplace quiet and enclosed; the bathroom would be a great choice, but you would need to make sure to always keep it open whenever you are not using it.

Fillings for the Litter Box; Another factor that might play a role in your cat peeing not in the right place is the filling for the litter box. Some fillings are way too cheap and they fail to mimic the natural environment which might not activate your cat’s instincts.


If you cleaned your cat’s litter box, got a different sized one, changed multiple locations, and even changed the filling, it is recommended to check in with your veterinarian. Also when purchasing a cat litter box do not look at it as just a toilet for a cat, look at it as a piece of modern pet furniture. There are many different variations of looks for the litter box. Nowadays you can find them in any shapes or sizes, so do not just look at basic shapes: find the one that fits your home design the best. 

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