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Top 5 Benefits From Scratching

Scratching is a well-known behavior that most of the cat owners hate. It can be really frustrating to see your cat completely destroy a side of a brand new leather couch that cost you a fortune. The best way to solve this frustrating behavior would be to understand the reasons behind scratching and ways to provide your cat with something that replaces scratching or provide a special scratching place like cat trees for example. Cat trees are beneficial for your cat and hello-ping’s article “Modern Cat Trees | Top benefits of 2020” covers it very well.

Reasons Why Your Cat Loves Scratching 

Keeping Claws Healthy: Claws are an important part of a cat's body that help your cat with grip and walking. Scratching does a great job of shedding loose layers from your cat’s claws. By removing those layers, your cat ensures that he/she always gets grip and sharpness to defend themselves.

Communication: Scratching is the way for your cat to identify his/her territory especially in a house with multiple cats.

Exercise: Scratching involves the activation of many muscles in your cat’s body. Cat’s stretch and dig their claws into the scratching item. All of the moving, stretching, digging, and standing is a great way to release energy and build muscle.

Reducing Stress: Digging their claws in the right kind of fiber gives cats satisfaction and promotes a happy emotional state.

Stretch: Stretching helps your cat keep his/her muscles in a good shape since, for most of their day, cats are asleep. 

What Should You Do About Scratching?

Punishing your cat for scratching on your expensive couch will probably not change anything and your cat will continue scratching all over the house. The best solution would be getting a designated scratching spot or item that is made specifically for scratching. A good decision would be purchasing a cat tree that includes a specific place made of special material for scratching. You can learn more about cat trees and their benefits here.

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