Top 8 Tips for Easing your Cat Into their New Litter One

8 Tips | Acclimating your cat

  1. Add a small amount of litter from their former litter box and lay it on top of the litter in the Litter One so that your cat recognizes their old litter and their scent inside.
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  3. We recommend putting the Litter-One on manual mode for your cat’s first use to prevent the cycling noise or any other possible interruptions or distractions from scaring your cat away. After a couple uses or when you notice your cat has become comfortable with the Litter one, you can then turn it on automatic mode.
  4. It might help to sit down next to the machine with your cat and interact with the Litter One so that your cat sees that you are comfortable with it and that it is not something to be scared of or feel threatened by.
  5. Familiarize your cat with the Litter-One by placing some of their favorite treats next to or around the Litter One so that they feel comfortable being nearby and in the same space as it.
  6. Placing the Litter One in the same location that their old litter box was is an essential step because your cat has already associated that location with where they normally use the restroom.
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  8. If your cat is still preferring to use their former litter box try placing the Litter One next to it and do not clean the litter from their old litter box. Cats prefer a clean spot to use the restroom and therefore they will choose the fresh and clean litter in the Litter One as opposed to the dirty, used one.
  9. Litter additives can also be purchased online or at your local pet store that have a special scent that attracts your cat to the litter therefore attracting them to the Litter-One when they smell it inside. Once your cat gets used to the Litter-One you no longer have to use the litter additive.

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