App connection and Understanding the Indicator Lights

Connecting to the Hello Ping App

  1. Open the camera on your Android or IOS device and scan the QR code found on the shipping box the Litter-One came in and the Hello Ping app will then automatically download onto your device. You can also manually search for the Hello Ping app in the Google Play or App store and download it that way if the QR code is not accessible. Once the app has been downloaded onto your device you can then open it and begin the signup process.
  2. Make sure that the Litter-One is plugged in and on and that your phone is connected to 2.4G Wifi and that the bluetooth is on.
  3. Once the Litter One is on the white indicator light at the top will begin blinking rapidly. If the light does not begin blinking, press and hold the key for five seconds. Repeat this process until the white indicator light starts blinking.
  4. Once the white indicator light is blinking you can then go on to your phone and press the “+” to add the Litter-One on your device and begin the pairing process.
  5. After the Litter-One and your phone have paired it will show up on your phone as your device and the indicator light will no longer blink but remain on.

Light Meanings

  1. The most common color that the indicator light will be is whitewith no blinking. That light indicates that your Litter-One is on and in automatic mode.
  2. A white indicator light that is blinking slowly means that it is not connected to the app or has become disconnected from the app.
  3. When the indicator light is whiteand blinking rapidly, that means it is ready and waiting to be paired to your phone.
  4. An orangeindicator light that is not blinking means that the Litter-One is on and in manual mode.
  5. When the indicator light is orangeand blinking slowly that means that the waste drawer is full and needs to be changed.
  6. When the orange lightis blinking rapidly that means that there is a hardware issue and it is best to call our customer support line so that we can try to figure out what is going and get the Litter-One back on track to working efficiently.
  7. A blueindicator light means that the Litter-One is cycling and sterilizing itself.
  8. A blueindicator light that is blinking slowly means that gravity calibration is currently taking place.

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