Key Features the Litter-One Has to Offer

The App

When you purchase your Litter One, you not only get a self-cleaning litter box but you also get Hello Ping’s app that allows you to not only monitor your cat’s litter usage but also gives you full control of your new litter box with the touch of a button on your phone. Hello Ping’s app allows you to connect multiple smartphones to control your Litter-One by simply logging in to the same account. Yes, if others in your household want to check in or monitor the family cat(s), they can simply download the app to their device and log in with the same account information used to set the Litter-One up.

The Hello Ping app was created with ease and control needing to be the main priority so that anybody can use it. Not only does the app allow you to customize the settings on your Litter-One but also sends you useful notifications so that you are always in the loop with the status of your litter box. Check out our other two articles that go more into detail about how you customize your settings and the useful notifications you can expect to receive once your Litter-One is all set up.

Litter-one, app feature. Hello Ping

Odor Management

The Litter-One comes with innovative, state-of-the-art sterilization to ensure that bad odors never escape. It is equipped with a built-in deodorant that uses double sterilization technology, ultraviolet sterilization and ozone molecule deodorization, to neutralize and kill bad odors. The ultraviolet sterilization works by emitting UV rays at a wavelength that automatically eliminates odors when the two converge.

The ozone molecule deodorization takes place when the ozone interacts with the odor molecules and moves the oxygen atom within itself to the odor molecule therefore changing its structure so that the original makeup of the chemical no longer exists. It all may sound a little complicated and scientific but rest assured that the bottom line remains the same, no smelly odors will take residence in your home.

Litter-one, odor management feature. Hello Ping

Cat Protection Sensors

The Litter-One comes with four sensors located around and within it that will ensure that your cat’s safety and comfort is kept as priority number one. The first sensor is located on the deodorant which has an ultra-thin lens and infrared sensor that can sense when your cat comes in and out thus preventing the machine ever cycling with your cat inside. The second sensor is similar to the one found on the deodorant except these sensors are found within the walls of the Litter-One which adds a second layer of protection to ensure that the machine will never cycle with your cat inside.

The third form of protection is a four point gravity sensing system located at the bottom of the Litter-One which is in charge of sensing the weight inside and identifying when your cat is inside. The final form of protection is a highly sensitive sensor located at the entrance of the box which helps prevent and will notify you if any foreign matters enter the box while also sensing when your cat enters and exits. All of these sensors are necessary in keeping your cat’s well-being the main priority at all times.

Litter-one, cat sensors feature. Hello Ping

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